Avoid On-the-job Accidents

Help your workers avoid on-the-job accidents by focusing on safe practices and taking necessary precautions with these safety tips.

Job-Related Stress and You

Use this document to discuss job-related stress with your employees, and give them tips on reducing and relieving it.

Become an Active Safety Programme Participant

Help employees understand their responsibility to become alert to on-the-job hazards with this safety talk flyer.

Loading Bay Safety

Employee flyer highlighting helpful tips to reduce loading bay injuries.

Customers Want Prices, not Merchandise, to Fall

Use these talking points to discuss with employees the danger of falling objects in a warehouse or retail environment.

Prevent Back Injuries

Provide this flyer to employees to educate them on safe lifting principles to help them avoid back pain and injury.

Hazard Communication to Ensure Your Safety

Review with employees the importance of your Hazard Communication Programme and workplace precautions to take with this safety talk.