Motor Fleet Risk Management

Managing your motor fleet’s collective risk can feel like an endless exercise in futility. Instead of addressing risks as they develop and perpetually playing catch up, invest in motor fleet risk management strategies that thwart problems before they appear.

Protecting Drivers From Criminal Offences

Failing to drive safely exposes your employees who drive for work to several serious offences. Protect your drivers from these criminal offences or your business could be held partly responsible.

Motor Vehicle Body Shops Customer Safety

Because customers are not equipped with training or proper PPE and because you may be liable for any injuries incurred by the customer while in the shop, it is important to take proper measures to keep them safe. Educate your employees about the risks with this flyer.

Be Wary of ‘Frost-jacking’

Almost half of all UK motorists leave their car running unattended in the morning to warm up or de-ice, effectively extending an open invitation to thieves who ‘frost-jack’ cars. Use the tips in this Playing it Safe to prevent becoming a victim.

Car Repair Done Right

Safety should be top of mind before you pick up a single tool when working in an motor vehicle repair shop. Educate your employees on staying safe with this flyer.

Driver Safety

This Playing it Safe flyer promotes good driver safety habits.