Be Aware of Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

Use this flyer to inform employees about the hazard of trips and slips in the workplace, and educate them about methods of preventing injury.

Don’t Let Employee Turnover Cost You

This article discusses how retaining an experienced staff can go a long way towards your cost-saving efforts. Having experienced employees means fewer injuries and fewer claims.

Employee Theft Prevention

Employee theft is always a concern, now more than ever due to the struggling economy. This article will help you learn what to watch for and how to prevent it.

The Risks of Offering Valet Parking

Even with safety measures in place and a staff of highly trained, responsible employees, providing valet services will always carry risk. This article discusses how to enact appropriate safeguards.

Adjust to Working in a New Area

Useful for when employees transition to new roles, these talking points highlight the safety precautions to take.

Controlling Wet Surfaces to Prevent Injury

Use this document’s talking points to hold a safety meeting regarding ways to prevent accidents due to wet conditions from spills, weather conditions, etc.